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Machine Learning Can Find Patterns In Huge Data Sets This Slide Shows The Most Common Words In Diplomatic Cables From The 1970s Image Courtesy Of David

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the fred weekly earnings data donu0027t show even the raise

a young death cuts average life expectancy by more than the death of an older person

to bring sxswstyle branding conference and events to town this fall

ensemble as we present our formal spring concert on saturday may 30th in ucsbu0027s lotte lehmann concert hall the concert will begin at 730 pm


assemble teams of any size you like but prizes will be awarded in a 4pack prizes will also be awarded for bike related words

ruth guest book showing gen david m shoup frederick h korth perry como and seor wences signing in

fitter happier more productive

courtesy beryl korot

four years in the past decade have exceeded deaths these figures show that cyclones are an enormous and relentless threat to human life

please cincinnati jumping on pink trend

the slide above is courtesy of the guardian

use of this program or any portion of it may result in severe civil and criminal penalties and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent

greening us prisons can help slow u201cjail sara hicks

chinau0027s u2013 which already handles far more than the thirdparty market in the united states u2013 will

source buzzfeed news

as noted by cilizza in the post u201cduring the course of the campaign nearly twothirds of his claims that the postu0027s team looked into were

hereu0027s what you donu0027t see in the dante book because the narrative in the text ended before my father died later in the spring u2014 on good friday

mark skoultchi on naming

under the title u201conline covert actionu201d the document details a variety of means to engage in and info opsu201d as well as and computer

praesent efficitur aliquet tembitr acest

is john tsangu0027s public relations so great he merely treated the people of hong kong as dogs they receive it very well and they responded to john tsang

teaching archive lara lesmes u0026 fredrik hellberg by space popular issuu

soundtrack covers music from jeff russou0027s

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the monash university museum of computing history ten years on pdf download available

plastic electronics are lightweight flexible and tunable and can be used in a wide range of image courtesy of lynn loo


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well that just goes to show you that these companies grease all sides of the political rails to make sure what they want slides right

but over the past halfcentury mortality per million people shows no appreciable decline resulting from growing coastal populations living in

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in the top 1 percent receive the biggest tax cut both in dollars and as a percentage of their income

deep learning start ups source cb insights

source the artifical revolution

1 dollar counterfeit national museum of american history

all those things are gradually going from most countries assuming they originally existed so it doesnu0027t really surprise me that gdp growth is declining

emoryu0027s patricia marsteller has been named chairelect of the section on education of the american association for the advancement

while the freezing process has advanced in recent years 5 to 15 percent typically donu0027t survive the thawing process

as i explained in the fifth paragraph of this article co2 has jumped 26 above the highest value itu0027s reached in the last years

summer of learning qu0026a

show where theyu0027re incorrect or move outta the way so others can read the data

hard proof announces new release

could employee engagement rebuild the connecticut economy

december music events at princeton university

newsonomics softbank fortress trump

once you control for audience and attention every other metric that has been thrown against

not mincing words meats are dense with nutrients which makes it easier to feed

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if we look closely at those numbers trump has spent 424 out of 744 hours asleep or with an additional 25 hours on the golf course

magnetic facilitate disease diagnosis in a novel pointofcare micronmr device that can detect and cancer image courtesy of

what is this math music map decoration digitally encoded data

we can see from this information that getting oneu0027s information from a screen tv or online is the most common way news is now transmitted and

the crime bill was not responsible



now becoming

lindsey graham bill cassidy and mitch mcconnell intend to keep pushing for this until either they force it through time runs out or they canu0027t get

hong kong university science outreach team

all courtesy of

on one of the 500 pages of this book you will find my name good luck searching in case you were wondering this thick book is just a schedule of the

the project sits in an space between communities of graphic designers and data scientists is the project art data does it

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