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Perhaps This Isnu0027t The Historical Jesus At Coetzee Is Playing A Game On Us Perhaps Not But The Reader Canu0027t Help Looking For Parallels

iu0027m not fan of robinson crusoe i found reading the book to be a boring and agonizing experience for the most part perhaps this why i was able to enjoy foe

bear and the paving stone

we have always lived in the castle shirley jackson

i canu0027t do it justice but this is definitely one of the strongest short story collections iu0027ve read i canu0027t wait to see her read in april


itu0027s no slight on the music room to say that it might lull you asleep if you watch it when youu0027re literally

hunter s thompson in thompson

chimamanda ngozi adichie grosvenor square

wg sebald

the woman having such trouble on the lecture juliette binoche is french but lives in arezzo where she runs an antique shop

penelope unravelling her web by lamplight joseph wright

progressive christian

cookbook jamieu0027s 15 minute meals

copyright lionsgate all rights reserved

bookselling in dunedin

love marriage and family in eastern orthodox perspective

i learned on friday that bookseller larry smith had passed away and itu0027s fair to say i was more than a little shocked by the news

below you will find a selection of resources that invite discussion of the key issues in this election

before by carmen boullousa u2013 this is one of the most incredible books about childhood iu0027ve ever read and i really regret not writing a full post about it


how the vote was won this year marks 100 years since the of the people act granted women over 30 with certain property


a day in

nobody does it like dick does especially in terms of writing about illusions vs reality absolutely mental what will i do once iu0027ve read all his books

the banality of evil part ii

all we shall know donal ryan

miranda cosgrove miley cyrus and bunch of people you wonu0027t remember in promote vote video

7 reasons i love our worship team leaders and members

heu0027s played by nicolas cage so we already know not to make heu0027s the titular antihero of the bad lieutenant port of call new orleans

october 21 paul stanhope

j p mcevoy in dixie dugan comic strip

i got sick the last day of confusion and have thus spent yesterday and today in a state of minimal brain activity but it turns out i had just enough brain

outline and transit rachel cusk u2013 rachel cusk was one of those authors i kept hearing people talk about but who i never actually had time to sit down and

by jim collins and morten t hansen

or is the world better off without us this book does what science fiction does bestu2013it raises very questions about futuristic

eliza haywood u2013 was a prolific british author of the 18th century she published over 70 works and was primarily known as a novelist

october 19

another writer asks about cage in what way was his performance a revelation not a says herzog u201ci just pushed him to his limits

more about nothando nothando zungu is a 24yearold data collector from until this year she has never shared any of the many lyrics sheu0027s

i have zero interest in confusion over whether she dreamed having sexor was it rape god only knows no pun intended

wang chong

paul gauguin u201cchrist in the garden of olivesu201d

the chain event jesus and mary chain make their comeback

i especially loved the central question that the book kept circling around u201cis there any art in here or does it just look like art

a little lumpen novelita roberto bolao

affections rodrigo hasbn u2013 people will be discussing this book decades to come calling it now

the childhood of jesus by j m coetzee click to start reading ebook a major

progressive christian

progressive christian

pierre jeanlouis is a multimedia artist based in new york and who


though not always perhaps in the ways they intended arthur herman photo credit beth herman

reading michael the catu0027s table



a raisin in the sun by lorraine hansberry play

my struggle 2 a man in love knausgaard

as the month of january draws to a close thereu0027s just enough time to get in one more stack of new books and arcs what here looks tempting to you tell us

do not say we have nothing madeleine thien

as jacob silverman pointedly wrote earlier this week in an article you should really read in its entirety

looks like us making rent in bedstuy by brandon harris

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