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So Much For Free Speech Southampton University And The Proisrael Lobby

new york columbia university press 218 pp

apparently the stool pigeon didnu0027t like jonathan cooku0027s article

palestine solidarity campaign update

the jewish chronicle named by kaufman detailed more of his speech u201clabour veteran sir gerald kaufman claims u0027jewish moneyu0027 has influenced

protestors at the sydney university speech of richard kemp

ben dor

donu0027t dance with israeli apartheid artists boycott israel

i spent the day 25 april at the 13th in europe conference in berlin germany this was my first experience of this major event

conflict caused by says u0027

exguardian journalist exposes the guardian youtube

from left professor haim bresheeth dr jacqui and professor

under the cover of an israeli army tank foreground israeli soldiers arrest

richard falk is an emeritus professor of law at princeton and is frequently accused of being

over candidates respond to pscu0027s election survey

the jewish national home

open letter against the of activists and writers

58 members of the european parliament urge eu action to free khalida jarrar


happiness and man at yale

prof richard falk

baroness deech says she owes her career to oxford university

did university of southampton cancel antiisrael hatefest

omar barghouti

a lecture hall at the law and the state of israel legitimacy

benjamin netanyahu and yossi cohen look over documents in a photo posted on social media by

knesset members are inducted in a ceremony in jerusalem on march 31 photo

dr mazen masri of the city university of london at this past anti

in response to the decision of the israeli high court that the jewish national fund could not refuse to rent or lease land to israeli

over 100 people came to a talk i gave on and antizionism a number of zionists were able to speak and put their view across including lara

uk report tries to whitewash zionism

interview ngos urge israel to lift gaza siege

thoughts on as an antiwhite discourse

bbc big questions

democratic party chairwoman debbie

not so pridominant

which focuses on the wrongs of the of israel rather than any purported in the aftermath of the six day war

afp letter in the irish times great oped in defence of academic freedom

a protest in support of palestine in france in image

senior hamas official hamas ready to deal with icc

the new antisemite austria doctor 71 sentenced for holocaust denial

southampton conflict with uk zionists


about a year ago

before you vote check your views on palestine palestine solidarity campaign

director of the new israel fund australia and former chair of the australian union of jewish students

our events

vassar college

a view of the newly opened mikveh trail below old city walls shmuel

a statement of apology from the revd dr stephen sizer

a mantis with 3d glasses newcastle university

new booklet on the case for a cultural boycott of israel

mania and blockchain banking


roger waters sets the record straight i hate apartheid not israel haaretz israel news haaretzcom

i also updated an older political cartoon yesterday

european parliament group leads dialogue with schulz on palestine

sussex university students join uku0027s wave of israel boycotts

21 people killed 98 years ago in boston

just days after a us delegation visit to israel and palestine netanyahu declares that israel will no longer uproot settlements any dreams of peace anytime

could priti patelu0027s secret meetings in israel signal a shift in british foreign policy the independent

book launch shadow a century of british support for zionism and israelu0027 by david cronin

as printed

families of victims of the amia bombing mark the anniversary of the attack in

donald trump to attend fundraiser in southampton on saturday

idf troops search for boys photo afp

view comments

lesley klaff

what brought a tear to my eye on more than one occasion were a number that were refugees one was a palestinian boy from lebanon another an iraqi refugee

psc in london

ghada karmi

in truth it didnu0027t seem to have as much of an impact within antiisrael groups as last time many of the were from zionists who were discussing

the university of sydney

bds driving global justice for palestine

istanbul police suspend students protesting against yok november

trapped in israel garyu0027s case

sinad baker for the university times

even stephen hawking makes mistakes u2013 heu0027s wrong about the israel boycott

this week in british politics 17 january

conference panel

tzipi hotoveli religious nutcase of a deputy foreign minister

it is probably worth also looking at the response of the legal system as the ruling class to see that pickles is not just for

jlm director ella rose boasts how she can jackie walker

the balfour declaration wikipedia

now flynn is proving an to the proisrael lobby

aid agencies call for sanctions on israel over gaza by ali

even officials in the united states have started to question israeli settlement activity inviting backlash from zionists in israel and the united states

documentary filmmaker simcha jacobovici shows a lifesize replica of one of the ossuaries found

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