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You Can Also Repurpose Your Popular Blog Posts And Great Content Into An Email Course

repurposing your online content helps free up time so you can focus on other areas within turn your post into

into our email list at buffer medium cta

aweber 51 subject line ideas newsletter ideas for bloggers by repurposing this blog post

how to repurpose content for maximum social reach hootsuite blog

just leave u201csend emails unchecked and youu0027ll get a when your email is ready and

22 create visual that bring new visitors turning posts into

content marketing foundr blog instagram

for each post i made sure to identify what my readers want to read and to define the problem that they want to solve i challenge myself to

16 proven content strategies to make every blog post successful

for example hereu0027s cheat sheet on inbound marketing

this is a slide from my course strategy with a brainu201c and it explains my point perfectly if youu0027ll notice the month has a theme

or you can split up a webinar that you held into separate lessons or send the chapters of an ebook as an email course


screen shot at pm

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there is absolutely no reason to get only one use out of the content you create the solution repurpose

use adobe spark to turn a popular tweet into an image you can share on other

you can simply schedule your messages to go out weekly or you could actually repeat this step until you have lots of automated messages queued up in your

if you arenu0027t in the position to get useful data then you can partner with larger brands

eugene cheng got his content repurposing game right on slideshare and he roped in over subscribers by increasing the views on his slides

email course

9 ways to repurpose content for social media

types of blog posts

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repurpose old blog content

you might want to reconsider the targeting of keywords for your ranking pages if you can change the main keyword to a more lucrative one in your old

for example if i wanted to create an email course on seo all iu0027d have to do is find posts under the category on the invesp blog

content promotion tactics

series list 600x452

worth a try if you have the type of content that is opinionated and suitable for virality on social channels

next question can you repurpose all of your old content

repurposing your content marketing on inboundorg

share your statistics through twitter posts

micro content

copyblogger repurposing

repurpose your content landing page

over 50 people bought our course from this one email

send a teaser email

evergreen content

types of free course

repurposing your online content helps free up time so you can focus on other areas within

image09 image09 in exceptional cases your article or blog post

satirical post example ultimate blog post playbook

whenever i get comments and emails like sheila you read my mind this is exactly what iu0027ve been struggling with i get all giddy on the inside because it

syndicated posts example

content upgrades are freebies that relate to the blog post you are reading for example in this blog post my content upgrade is a video on how to create

search broadly for blogs in your niche b top shared content

screen shot at pm

as you can see in the outline above i recorded one video as my piece of content i then pulled the text and turned it into a written blog post

itu0027s your turn thank you for reading this post

repurpose your blog 13 clever ways to get more mileage from your content

quora content two interesting blog post

how to repurpose content for your blog and beyond a plan for creators social media examiner

email courses to build a list

build strong desire you canu0027t get your blog posts shared on social media if the desire is not there the best way to build strong desire in your post is

helpscout repurpose

something like this might work initially itu0027s in trello of course and once you get going you can add more steps

bring it together with an ebook

social media marketing plan template twitter


here is mariah cozu0027 email course on u201cbuild a profitable blog email courseu201d

another place to showcase your best blog content is your linkedin profile you can add your links to your best posts videos documents and photos with

repeat this process as many times as possible so you can publish lots of guest posts


remember those videos you started repurposing your blog content into strip out the audio and youu0027ve got great podcast content add a intro and

5 ways to turn your blogs into videos

qu0026a blog posts


16 proven content strategies to make every blog post successful

email a readymade audience when your next course or book goes live



how to repurpose content for maximum social reach hootsuite blog

spinoffs article example

how to repurpose content for maximum social reach hootsuite blog

once youu0027ve created the content you can work on scheduling the emails how you want some people opt for sending out an email every day some choose only

frequency guide email

make the most from your content and turn one blog post into multiple things

repurpose email content

what kind of would be ideal for your target audience there are several different types of pillar content with the potential to be high ranking

11 crafty ways to repurpose old content

youu0027ll want to treat this like a blog post when it comes to content promotion so reach out to influencers and buzzfeed users telling them about your post

of course there are also email lists that you can join for example if youu0027re interested in creating digital products that sell

guest blogging can build your email list traffic social proof search engine and your with other blogs

repurpose your blog with these content marketing ideas slideshare

turn a preexisting blog post into a podcast

best post structure

disperse links to your content throughout the article and include a call to action to sign up for your email list

sumome and fedora

campaign monitor email course landing page

you can mix and match or even do three different types of one form eg a post on facebook instagram and twitter all tweaked to perform best in

email courses do a few impactful things for your bizu2026

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